Lewisham Opportunity Pre-School is Under Threat

LOPS has been in operation as an inclusive pre-school for the last 30 years allowing differently-abled children to begin their education together at nursery level. So far our school has been funded by council grants and topped up by charitable donations and fundraising.  Lewisham Council are now cutting the grants to the school quickly and deeply and expecting charitable donations and fundraising to make up a greater part of the funding to our school. It has been indicated to us that this will only continue to be the case.

LOPS is Ofsted Outstanding and is held up as a beacon of good practice by Lewisham Council who encourage other nurseries in the borough to send their teachers and keyworkers to observe its working / learning environment.

We need to make a reasonable amount of money very quickly just to enable the school to complete the last term of this year, April – July 2013. £15,000 to be exact, otherwise the school will close after the Easter term and staff will be redundant and children will be left with no nursery placement. Find out how to donate.

There are some amazing testimonials from parents whose children have attended LOPS on the LOPS website http://lops.org.uk/parents-comments and by donating money to this enduring and endearing pre-school you will allow the staff to continue their work laying the foundations of an integrated society which resonates throughout our community.

The speed and extent of the cuts has taken us by surprise and we are currently developing a robust fundraising plan for the future if only we can get beyond this summer term.

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